Washington State Marries Wine Month with Uber

Brand new for August 2017, the State of Washington celebrates its first ever Washington State Wine Month in partnership with Uber. The idea is to encourage wine lovers to have a pleasant and safe experience tasting wine throughout the greater Seattle area and indeed all over the great state of Washington, wherever wine is found. The great thing about visiting wineries is that it simplifies the process of selecting collections for custom wine cellars.

An Exciting Match

The Seattle WA area has urban wineries as well as nearby rural wine tasting districts. With more than 900 wineries in the state, it’s an ideal place for wine connoisseurs. The Uber more-affordable-taxi-service makes it convenient to make the rounds of wineries without worrying that too much wine is being enjoyed to drive safely. Visiting tasting rooms is the ideal leisure activity for wine lovers. For wine collectors, there is no better way than going to wine tastings to find the right bottles for stocking wine cellar shelves.

A Month of Wine-Related Celebrations

Visit a wine tasting during the month of August

Wine tastings are perfect for selecting wines for your wine cellar.

There are several events to look forward to for anyone getting in on Washington State Wine Month. On the 18th, weekend fun is anticipated at Picnic With the Winemakers. Private Winemaker Dinners are scheduled for the 19th. On the 20th, there is the Winemaker Auction Gala and the Columbia Winery Charity Run & Walk. With the Uber partnership, it’s reasonable to assume that more wine enthusiasts than ever might get in on the festivities in this expansive wine community.

Bringing Wine Bottles Home

While attending wine tastings, it’s natural to find wines that you want to add to your wine collection. Wineries often make it easy to arrange shipment of wine. It’s also reasonable to transport bottles of wine home for yourself, as long as you have the equipment that will protect the wine from harmful environments. Once you get home, the best thing you could have is a custom wine cellar built by passionate professionals at Rosehill Wine Cellars. All of their uniquely built wine cellars have the correct temperature and humidity level, thanks to top wine cooling manufacturers WhisperKool, Koolspace, CellarCool, and others.

Plan your August Wine Tastings

In many regions of North America, August is the hottest month of the year. What better way is there to beat the heat than going to wine tastings? In the Toronto area, there are wineries in abundance. Washington made a good move by making August Washington State Wine Month. Get in on the excitement! Plan your refreshing summer wine tasting for the upcoming weekend.