Why Wine Cooling Units Beat Passive Wine Cellars

Depiction of wine storage.

Wine storage shelf. –Rosehill Wine Cellars

Wine cellars rarely mimic the ideal conditions for storing wine found in European caves of old. Passive wine cellars depend upon the conditions in a subterranean wine room to be naturally ideal. These conditions tend to allow swings in temperature that are too drastic, which means wine storage is not as reliable. An example of what happens when temperature swings are too great is that the aging process of the wine is accelerated. Humidity levels are also unpredictable. Wine cooling units provide complete control of the conditions in a wine cellar. You can’t go wrong with leading manufacturers of wine cooling units, including Wine Guardian, Koolspace, KoolR, CellarPro, Breezaire, and WhisperKool,

Benefits of Climate Control in your Wine Cellar

When you have a beautiful custom wine cellar built in your home, it doesn’t necessarily need to be underground, though that’s almost always best. In a cellar, there is a minimized threat of temperature swings. Whether underground or above-ground, wine cooling units can provide the perfect atmosphere for your fine wines in your wine cellar.

There are different wine cooling systems available from top manufacturers so that a climate-controlled wine room can have a unit that’s ideal for its size. These systems are designed to maintain humidity levels that are beneficial to the wine, in addition to keeping the temperature steadily in the optimal range.

Types of Wine Cooling Systems

Most major wine cooling unit manufacturers – such as Koolspace, Wine Guardian, WhisperKool, Breezaire, CellarPro, and KoolR – offer a full range of sizes, so that there is a unit that fits your particular needs. A ducted system climate control unit is fully self-contained. This is a versatile type of cooling system that makes installation and maintenance in residential and commercial settings easy, while providing dependable performance. WineGuardian has a split ductless wine cooling system.

Split cooling systems are designed so that some components are outside of the wine cellar and others are inside. Split systems are extremely quiet, and they also create conditions that are virtually free of vibrations. This type of system is best for small to mid-sized wine cellars.

Humidifiers are a component of a wine cellar climate control system. They can be integrated into a ducted and split system cooling unit or they can be freestanding.

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The purpose of a wine cellar, of course, is to store wine in optimal conditions. If you are a wine lover, also known as an oenophile, a wine cellar with a reliable wine cooling unit is perfect for you. Contact Rosehill Wine Cellars today and get the help of an experienced professional for your wine storage. If you think you may have a passive wine cellar that is sufficient, our experts can help you determine whether it’s keeping wine in the right environment.