Happy Hour Hack

Wine Racks from Rosehill

Pull your favorite wine from a custom wine cellar by Rosehill Wine Cellars.

It’s thirsty Thursday…only one more day until the weekend..you can almost taste the freedom.  You find your mouth begin to water as soon as you notice it’s almost 5 o’clock. Happy hour calls your name!  As soon as you walk in the bar,  drink specials offend you, with names like Scorpion Pee and Smoker’s Cough. You reluctantly gaze into the wine cooler  and see it overstocked with cheap white zinfandel and pink moscato. The bar is already filling up, so you order a half  bottle of the house cab and hope to catch some hint of a buzz before you begin to take on the scent of the hipster one stool over. You spend the next hour guzzling a watery red wine while wishing you could take off your shoes and wondering how long it’s going to take the bartender to run your credit card. At the end of the night, you get home with aching feet, 3 sketchy new Facebook friends, and a promise to yourself that you will not do it again.

Happy hour was created to improve the quality of your busy work week! But, these days, happy hour does not mean you have to go into the bar nearest work with the intentions of “waiting out the traffic.” Happy hour is about quenching that insatiable thirst in your most comfortable environment. It’s about opening your favorite bottle of wine, in your favorite room, with your favorite people. Where are you pulling that bottle of wine from? Hopefully from a custom wine cellar or wine cabinet with a reliable wine cooling unit from a top manufacturer like Breezaire, but I digress.

We live in the era of comfort and convenience..where groceries and even fast food are delivered right to your house. You can stream the hottest movies right to your television. Why not customize your happy hour? Say no to wearing uncomfortable clothes while sitting at a bar full of strangers and drinking sub-par beverages. Go home. Get comfortable. Pull out your favorite bottle of red and let it breath…as you breathe in the happiest hour of your day.