3 Advantages Only a Wine Cellar Provides

Wine cellars from Rosehill Wine Cellars

Custom wine cellar with tasting niche by Rosehill Wine Cellars.

A wine cellar isn’t just for fine restaurants or the wealthiest among us anymore. Custom wine cellars have become increasingly popular, largely because of the many advantages they provide. True wine lovers understand that there can be remarkable depth to wine. A wine cellar is needed to accommodate wine collecting, since it provides the correct environment in which fine wines can age properly. For wine collectors, there are at least three advantages that only a wine cellar can provide, in addition to proper wine storage conditions.

Encourages Growing Wine Knowledge

As a wine lover, you don’t have to strive to be a renowned wine expert.  You have wine maps and books, and you may travel to wine regions all over he world. Having a wine cellar, however, provides pleasant incentive to become knowledgeable about the many varieties of wine and when they reach their peak. The finest wines are those that reach their peak over a course of years. The more you know, the more likely you are to discover new wines that you can enjoy with your meals and with friends and family.

It actually requires a bit of wine knowledge simply to identify what is communicated on the label of a fine wine. For example, the five common parts of wine labels that are designated by appellation credentials include producer name, region the grapes are from, variety of wine, vintage, and alcohol content. When you have your own custom wine cellar, attaining this type of knowledge makes sense.

Increased Home Value

When you have a beautifully designed wine cellar with custom wine racks in your home, there are certain buyers who will be willing to pay more for your residence, should you ever sell. Home buyers who also happen to be wine lovers are expressly looking for a home with a wine cellar already built in, which gives you a great advantage in the niche market. Even though your initial reason to build a wine cellar is your own love of wine, it’s good to know that you’re increasing your home resale value at the same time.


For wine lovers, enjoying wine is about so much more than choosing the right wine with dinner. A wine cellar provides you with a place to store your collection of fine wines and share it with friends. A wine tasting niche is one of the many popular features of wine cellars, since it provides a cozy space to sample and share your wine.