Recommendations for Wine Racks – Part 3

When you have a custom wine cellar built, among the details you choose are the types of wine displays, wine racks, and other storage spaces you will have. You can also choose many styles of wine racks for storage in rooms of your home, such as the kitchen, dining area, and living room. If you are looking for a wine rack that won’t be in a custom wine cellar or dedicated wine room, placement of the rack is an essential consideration. It’s important that sunlight doesn’t hit the spot where you store wine.

Countertop Wine Racks

There are many options for wine storage in wine racks, such as floor racks and wine furniture.

Storage of wine on countertop wine racks can be a great solution, when floor space is lacking. You can find racks of all sizes and storage capacities for countertops. Countertop wine racks are popular because many oenophiles like to have their bottles handy when they’re ready to open them.

Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-mounted wine racks usually have decorative qualities, and yet they serve the same functional purposes as others. They can store wine while adding to the aesthetics of a room. Wine racks on the wall provide another space-saving solution. It’s essential that the rack is correctly attached to the wall in a way that ensures it is able to hold the weight of the wine bottles it stores.

Hanging Wine Racks

Hanging wine racks hang from the ceiling or underneath cabinet space. They are similar to wall-mounted wine racks, other than being attached to something besides a wall. This style can be beautiful, and hanging wine racks can also include a section for hanging wine glasses. Since many kitchen cabinets aren’t tall enough to accommodate stemware, the hanging wine rack offers an additional practical feature.

Floor Wine Racks / Wine Furniture

Countertop wine racks provide space-saving convenience.

There are also wine racks designed as stand-alone pieces of furniture. Other versions of floor wine racks are built into chopping block tables or kitchen islands. Floor racks can potentially have a much greater capacity for wine storage than those built for cabinets or walls. They can also be incorporated as multi-functional pieces of furniture.

Stackable Wine Racks

If you have an expanding collection, stackable wine racks, also known as modular wine racks, can simplify your wine collection efforts. As your collection grows, simply add additional sections, which stack on top of the existing racks. This style of wine rack is most suitable for wine cellars and wine rooms.

It’s important to note that these wine racks mentioned above don’t provide the ideal storage conditions that protect wine from spoilage. Be sure to see the final part of this four-part series, to learn about the most ideal conditions in which to place your wine racks.