Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Cellar Door

For an oenophile, having a personal wine cellar is thrilling. The myriad of wine cellar design features that can be part of your wine storage include presentation shelving, a custom ceiling, a cascading wine bottle display, bin storage, a tasting niche, and so much more. The feature that can stand out with more singularity than any other is the door. Your wine cellar door contributes to the ideal climate-controlled environment inside. The following are some helpful tips for choosing the ideal wine cellar door.

Qualities of a Proper Wine Cellar Door

Wine cellarsYour wine cellar door is the entryway into your custom-made wine storage space. It is also a part of the overall design in that it contributes to achieving the ideal temperature and humidity level inside. Functionality is the top consideration for your wine cellar door.

The design of the entryway should complement the overall style of your home and the wine cellar. If you have a wine room, you may want a glass door to create a nice view of your wine storage area that flows seamlessly with home décor. The options for wine cellar doors are practically endless.

Materials for Wine Cellar Doors

There are several types of materials you can choose from for your cellar door.  Ultimately, however, there is no end to the possibilities of how your door can look.  The following is about the two most common wine cellar door materials.  The door can have the exact type of design that matches the cellar, your home décor, or both.

Wood Wine Cellar Doors

Wood is traditionally the top choice for wine cellar doors. This makes sense, since wood is also the top choice for materials used in wine cellars and wine rooms, as well.  Mahogany, redwood, and pine are top choices. They can be stained and include elaborate external carvings.

Glass Wine Cellar Doors

For a glass door to serve with the proper functionality for a wine cellar, it must be an insulated glass door or thermal glass door panel. For the fit to be as air tight as it needs to be and maintain the correct interior environment for wine, the door must be double or triple pane with either a vacuum between panes or gas between the panels.

The Function of a Wine Cellar Door

There must be an airtight fit between door and frame. A sweep at the bottom of the door and weather stripping around the frame are standard. With the airtight fit, your door ensures the environment inside is perfect for wine

The door also provides security, to protect your investment. Your wine cellar door should have some type of secure locking system, such as a keypad locking system.  Fingerprint recognition technology provides another great option.