New Year’s Eve: A Great Reason to have a Wine Cellar

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Pull the perfect bottle of wine from your custom wine cellar for the New Year.

For many wine lovers, each New Year’s Eve celebration is the best holiday. Toasting the arrival of a fresh start at the stroke of midnight is up there with wedding toasts. Anyone looking for a great reason to invest in a custom wine cellar can consider having the perfect wine or champagne for the event the answer they were looking for. The best wines for toasting are aged wines, and they need to be stored in the right environment. A custom wine cellar with a wine cooling unit by a top manufacturer like Breezaire, Koolspace, CellarCOOL, or Cellar Pro is ideal. Wine needs to be stored in a certain temperature range with the right amount of humidity, and wine cooling units sometimes serve the dual purpose of maintaining the right temperature and humidity level, as well. When it’s time to pull a special bottle of wine from the wine cellar for a New Year’s toast, you will be confident that you’re ready for the occasion.

Why mature wine is best

Not every wine lover agrees, but there are very good arguments to support the opinion that aged wine is best. The vast majority of wines produced today are for immediate enjoyment, which also makes a strong statement. Perhaps the best way to show the value of aged wine is to share the tasting notes for Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, Burgundy France, which has an average price of $16,784. From tasting notes for the 1965 vintage enjoyed when the wine was almost 50 years old:

  • The flavor creates a seamless symphony, and the core acid-tannin tension is consistent. The wine demonstrates that Romane-Conti is classy, refined, and majestic at its peak. And yet, if stored in ideal conditions, such as in a wine cellar with a quality wine cooling unit, the wine should drink exceptionally well for another 10 or 20 years.

To provide a more direct answer to why mature wine is best, it has to do with tannins, which are present in all grapes. Tannins are the molecules that come from grape seeds, stems, and seeds. They taste bitter and unpleasant until a process has occurred in a properly stored wine bottle. The complex process going on inside a wine vessle is fascinating. Miniscule amounts of air that enters through a cork contribute to the overall process.

The best result of a long wine maturation process is a perfect bottle for celebrating special occasions.

A Toast!

The patience involved with waiting for a wine to mature makes a good wine worthy of a heartfelt New Year’s Eve toast. While you’re ringing in the new year, why not consider having a custom wine cellar installed so that you have something special in the way of a fine wine for every occasion?