Wine Racking Storage in a Wine Cabinet

Wine racking storage can be in a cellar or cabinet.

Wine racking storage in a space-saving wine cabinet.

Wine cabinets are good solutions for oenophiles in urban settings with no access to a proper cellar spaces. If you have a limited space in your house, apartment or condo, or in your office space at work,  a wine cabinet could be the ideal solution.  There are many kinds of wine cabinets on the market today, including North American made pieces and several European imports.  Rosehill Wine Cellars has wine cabinets on display in our Etobicoke Showroom, and a list of brands we carry on the website. Not only can you select the style that is best suited to your home and your personal taste, you also have plenty of options regarding the amount of space available for your collection, and the layout of the storage.  There are more sophisticated features available in modern wine cabinets that make it possible to get the optimal wine racking storage system for you home or business space.

Wine Cooling Systems in Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets with climate control allow for wine racking in an environment that’s specially made to be absolutely perfect for wine storage. Air temperature and humidity in the small space inside cabinets is much more easily controlled than wine cellars.  However it’s always best to go with a proven manufacturer known for providing quality products. The adage that you get what you pay for really applies with the wine cooling systems in wine cabinets.

Space for Wine Racking Storage

When a wine cellar is built, painstaking care is taken to ensure proper ventilation. A stand-alone wine cabinet for wine racking storage also needs the same considerations. Follow manufacturer’s specifications, which may include:

  • Clearance above and around the perimeter of the cabinet.
  • If a top-vented unit, there must be adequate clearance above and on the sides of the cabinet, but it can be placed flush against the wall.
  • Front-vent hoods make it possible to put have a wine cabinet entirely built in, with zero clearance on all but the front, where the unit opens.
  • An added need, space-wise, is that there should be enough room to allow the door to open at a 90-degree angle

It is important to understand that when a wine cabinet is not a built-in unit, there are certain conditions in the surrounding enclosure which must be met, to ensure that the cabinet is properly ventilated.

Consider your Collection

The wine racking in the cabinet you choose should be able to accommodate the kinds of bottles you purchase for your collection. If you buy large-format bottles, opt for a cabinet that has slots for oversized bottles.

Where to Buy a Wine Cabinet

Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a wide selection of quality wine cabinets of all sizes from top manufacturers. The best way to protect your growing collection of wine is by storing the bottles in a wine cellar or wine cabinet that provides the ideal environment and wine racking storage. .