Shanny in the City Models Masterlift Forklifts in our Wood Shop

In the last week of September 2018, we were asked by Masterlift Forklifts in Mississauga if we’d allow an artist to come take pictures on the property for their 2019 print calendar.  Because the good people at Masterlift have always been there for us when we needed them, we said yes, and made our facilities available to them that day. To our surprise, they brought an attractive female subject to pose beside the forklift.  The shoot centered around Toronto matchmaker Shannon Tebb, a local influencer with a large social media following.

Shannon Tebb on Masterlift Forklift at Rosehill Wine Cellars

Shanny in the City is downtown Toronto’s foremost authority on dating and relationships. She plans parties for single people in trendy hot spots but really specializes in personal shopping and styling sessions to help boost her clients’ confidence and get them 100% date-ready.  Her Shanny in the City brand is a trusted matchmaking service for busy urban executives, and Shannon herself makes regular appearances on CBC, Global TV and Breakfast Television every year on Valentine’s Day.  Shanny’s blog gets lots of press every time she details new products and services, or new clubs and cafes, or describes how to best use a new dating app on the market.

Although surprised to see such a high profile socialite connected to a Mississauga area forklifts rentals and repair company, we were beyond thrilled to host Shannon Tebb at our nearby facility.  Wine cellars help foster romance and elevate epicurean delights, and so knowing a bit more about the merits of proper wine storage could only help this curious Cupid in her career as an executive life coach.  Our plant manager dropped everything and insisted she get a full tour of our wine cellar design and production facility, and a little taste of our hospitality.  Before the camera people got snapping we invited Shannon into the Rosehill Wine Accessories Showroom and gave her a choice of ANYTHING on display in the store.

Shannon Tebb, Shanny in the City, Rosehill Wine Cellars acessories showroom in Etobicoke

Shannon couldn’t make up her mind. When the agency producers came back to the showroom to collect her for the shoot in the wood shop, she hadn’t even changed into her outfit yet, let alone selected her gift.  But at that point, she did quickly make her choice: she picked the Blossom wine tote bag that fits snugly around a single bottle.

In these photos you can see how bright and sunny our wood shop is, especially when all the staff who would normally be in the background appear to be hiding from the cameras.

When Joel first arrived in the shop he spied the forklift in action, and he liked the way it looked in the sunlight of the open loading dock. He got excited because he wanted to keep the load of wood it currently had on its forklift tines.  The operator didn’t understand. “Let me get it ready for you”, he said, but Joel shook his head ‘no’ and waved him to back the loader out into the parking lot. “It’s perfect just the way it is”.

The shoot lasted about twenty minutes and we could hear the photographer snapping shots every few seconds. He must have taken about two hundred pictures. We’ll be sure and show our readers here any professional shots that get published in the press or are sent to us.