Home Designers Ponder Wine Cellars made of Metal Wine Racks with Jacob Harkins

Rosehill Wine Cellars was proud to co-sponsor Jacob Harkins’ metal wine racks focused wine cellar design presentation on Wednesday the 10th of April, 2019, at Cibo Wine Bar on Yonge Street. Jacob, the marketing director of VintageView traveled to Toronto to present interior designers and builders with their 2019 catalog. Their wine rack collections allows wine cellar designers and builders like ourselves to design sophisticated cellars using specially laminated glass and high-powered air-cooling units. The well-attended talk was fully catered, and of course LCBO licensed (red & white wine flowed), and the audience was composed of knowledge-hungry interior decorators, engineers and architects.

Jacob Harkins, the Marketing Director at VintageView Wine Storage Systems
Jacob Harkins of VintageView Wine Storage Systems speaks at Cibo
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The invite-only presentation exhibited ultra modern wine cellar designs that showcased imaginative layouts and displays. Almost all of Jacob’s slides had photographs of completed cellars that were constructed using VintageView metal wine racks. All manner of racking configurations were detailed in the hour long design presentation.

The audience was shown commercial cellar spaces in fancy restaurants, and private cellars in upscale residential homes. Each of Jacob’s slides was accompanied by detailed explanations of the challenges involved in building and maintaining that particular wine storage space. Below is a simple wine-on-the-wall display in a residential home.

30 bottles of wine on the wall – image courtesy of VintageView

Making wine part of the decor puts the homeowner’s wine collection on display. While such home designs are unique, and memorable, this racking method seen above offers almost no protection for the light- and temperature-sensitive liquid inside the bottles. Such exhibits need to be surrounded in UV-coated, thermal-insulated glass to keep the wine at the right temperature and to banish daylight and other harmful UV rays! But if we made an air-tight and UV-restricted glass bubble around this display, and then connected that to a state of the art wine cellar cooling unit, we would have a beautiful and effective wine cellar.

wine cellar in dining room of upscale home, cottage
60 bottles of wine on the wall – image courtesy of VintageView

The presentation was much more than just a helpful seminar, it was an accredited Continuing Education Unit or what interior designers call a CEU. Set up by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) such life-lessons help home builders and interior decorators stay on top of the market and stay familiar with new materials and techniques despite being away from school. VintageView, in partnership with Rosehill Wine Cellars staged this AIA and IDCEC credited CEU that was officially titled Modern Wine Cellar Design, and that might explain why it was so well attended by so many industry professionals. Just a few minutes after introducing himself, Jacob had to pause while the staff at Cibo set up more chairs for late arrivals.

Jacob Harkins is the nomadic marketing director at VintageView Wine Storage Systems

VintageView believes wine should be admired in functional storage displays that are design centerpieces in the kitchen, dining room or lounge and not hidden away in a dusty cellar downstairs. Their metal wine racks are very sturdy, but still thin enough to allow easy viewing of wine bottles with their labels facing out. This is the company that started the label forward wine rack system and their new modern designs are all innovations on these classic theme. VintageView metal wine racks are available in Black Satin or Platinum (Brushed Nickel) Finish for immediate delivery. Chrome and Black Chrome may have slightly longer lead times.

Interior Designer, Baraa Barazi from Lux Design        attended the CEU from VintageView
Interior designer Barra Barazi from Lux Design attended the CEU from VintageView

Interior designer Barra Barazi from Luz Design attended the show wearing a gorgeous key-lime-pie coloured jacket. Barra enjoyed the show, and he was quoted saying, “…proper wine storage is becoming increasingly important in upscale homes and putting wine in the walls is an exciting new trend.” He liked Jacob’s energy and had faith in his expertise because of the original images and stories he told the audience.

Vintage View Wine Racks catalog
VintageView metal wine racks size, capacity and dimensions.

Good wine deserves to be showcased and VintageView’s innovative wine storage systems put the label forward in home decor.