Tech Tuesday … “The Electronic Tongue” ~ August 2, 2011

Tech Tuesday . . . where wine & tech meet

Electronic tongue created to be wine connoisseur

You may pride yourself on an ability to determine Lambrini from Moët, but an electronic “tongue” has been devised to taste the difference between different types of cava (sparkling wine) on your behalf.

Researchers from the Group of Sensors and Biosensors at the Universtat Autonoma de Barcelona have employed a combination of chemical measurement hardware and software algorithms to recreate the human taste system in a man-made device.

Specifically, the system identifies the differences between the wines by analysing their sugar content, as the amount of sugar added to the wine during fermentation stages determines what type of cava is produced.

Tech Tuesday … Breezaire Compact Series ~ July 26, 2011

Tech Tuesday . . . where wine & tech meet

Breezaire Compact Series ~ starting at $675.00.

breezaire The Breezaire WKC/WKCE Compact Series cooling units are a compact design with cold air discharge on the bottom, which makes them ideal to be installed in cabinets or narrow spaces. They’re not rated for a specified number of cubic feet because they’re intended for cabinets and other constricted enclosures.

The WKCE Models have a digital electronic (Sentry III) thermostat that adds additional safety and convenience features:

  • Large, easy to read, green LED display.
  • Accurate, easy to adjust (no tools needed) readable set points with continuous reading of enclosure temperature or displaying of set point when changing enclosure temperatures.
  • Power outage protection, which delays unit start up after power outages.
  • Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage.
  • Controls temperature by enclosure air sensors or optional bottle probe.

Breezaire’s Compact Series units are available from Rosehill Wine Cellars starting at $675.00.

Tech Tuesday … Eisch Decanter Cleaning Balls ~ July 12, 2011

Tech Tuesday . . . where wine & tech meet

Eisch Decanter Cleaning Balls ~ $14.95

Eisch It just got easier to clean your valuable decanters and thermos flasks with metallic mini pellets from Eisch. These tiny stainless steel pellets remove all dirt, residue, sediment and stains from inside the decanter.

Just fill the vessel half way up with water, add the pellets, and swish it around for about two minutes. That’s it. When you’re done, carefully empty the contents into a mesh strainer, rinse the pellets, dry them, and use them again and again.

Eisch Decanter Cleaning Balls are available from Rosehill Wine Cellars for just $14.95.

Tech Tuesday … shatterproof GoVino wine glasses ~ June 28, 2011

Tech Tuesday . . . where wine & tech meet

GoVino Wine Glasses ~ $15.50 for a set of four

GoVino TumblersThe perfect wine tumbler that goes places where a glass does not – the patios, to the beach, picnics, cottages, around the pool and into luggage, they’re perfect for entertaining guests, taking on the roof or anywhere else you wouldn’t take the breakables.


  • Brilliant design, Bisphenol-A free, food grade thermoplastic polymer resin
  • Recyclable (# 1), Shatterproof, Reusable
  • Tulip-shaped stemless
  • Perfect for any outdoor use
  • Perfect shape to swirl and aerate wine
  • Height: 4.4″  Width: 3.3″  Mouth: 2.5″
  • Volume: 16 oz to rim – 6 oz to thumb notch

Available from Rosehill Wine Cellars for $15.50 (set of four).


Tech Tuesday … Keep it simple with this Wrap Wine Thermometer ~ June 21, 2011

Tech Tuesday . . . where wine & tech meet

Wrap Wine Thermometer ~ $9.95

Wrap Wine Thermometer


  1. Trudeau For the best enjoyment of your wine served at its ideal temperature.
  2. This thermometer is Stainless steel with a LCD strip on it for measuring temperature.
  3. This thermometer uses liquid crystal thermochromic ink which is formulated to change colour at different temperatures.
  4. It also features average serving temperatures for various wines listed around the perimeter.
  5. When the bar “lights” up to that level, the wine is ready to serve. Once removed from the bottle it will go back to being “dark” and is ready to use again. Stainless Steel- Satin Finish

Available from Rosehill Wine Cellars for $9.95.