Shanny in the City Models Masterlift Forklifts in our Wood Shop

Shanny in the City Models Masterlift Forklifts in our Wood Shop

In the last week of September 2018, we were asked by Masterlift Forklifts in Mississauga if we’d allow an artist to come take pictures on the property for their 2019 print calendar.  Because the good people at Masterlift have always been there for us when we needed them, we said yes, and made our facilities available to them that day. To our surprise, they brought an attractive female subject to pose beside the forklift.  The shoot centered around Toronto matchmaker Shannon Tebb, a local influencer with a large social media following.

Shannon Tebb on Masterlift Forklift at Rosehill Wine Cellars

Shanny in the City is downtown Toronto’s foremost authority on dating and relationships. She plans parties for single people in trendy hot spots but really specializes in personal shopping and styling sessions to help boost her clients’ confidence and get them 100% date-ready.  Her Shanny in the City brand is a trusted matchmaking service for busy urban executives, and Shannon herself makes regular appearances on CBC, Global TV and Breakfast Television every year on Valentine’s Day.  Shanny’s blog gets lots of press every time she details new products and services, or new clubs and cafes, or describes how to best use a new dating app on the market.

Although surprised to see such a high profile socialite connected to a Mississauga area forklifts rentals and repair company, we were beyond thrilled to host Shannon Tebb at our nearby facility.  Wine cellars help foster romance and elevate epicurean delights, and so knowing a bit more about the merits of proper wine storage could only help this curious Cupid in her career as an executive life coach.  Our plant manager dropped everything and insisted she get a full tour of our wine cellar design and production facility, and a little taste of our hospitality.  Before the camera people got snapping we invited Shannon into the Rosehill Wine Accessories Showroom and gave her a choice of ANYTHING on display in the store.

Shannon Tebb, Shanny in the City, Rosehill Wine Cellars acessories showroom in Etobicoke

Shannon couldn’t make up her mind. When the agency producers came back to the showroom to collect her for the shoot in the wood shop, she hadn’t even changed into her outfit yet, let alone selected her gift.  But at that point, she did quickly make her choice: she picked the Blossom wine tote bag that fits snugly around a single bottle.

In these photos you can see how bright and sunny our wood shop is, especially when all the staff who would normally be in the background appear to be hiding from the cameras.

When Joel first arrived in the shop he spied the forklift in action, and he liked the way it looked in the sunlight of the open loading dock. He got excited because he wanted to keep the load of wood it currently had on its forklift tines.  The operator didn’t understand. “Let me get it ready for you”, he said, but Joel shook his head ‘no’ and waved him to back the loader out into the parking lot. “It’s perfect just the way it is”.

The shoot lasted about twenty minutes and we could hear the photographer snapping shots every few seconds. He must have taken about two hundred pictures. We’ll be sure and show our readers here any professional shots that get published in the press or are sent to us.

Do you Prefer a Traditional Wine Cellar or Modern Design?

Do you Prefer a Traditional Wine Cellar or Modern Design?

Traditional wine cellar from Rosehill Wine Cellars

Is a traditional wine cellar your style preference?

A practical step involved in building a wine cellar is to determine if a traditional wine cellar has the desired features or if you prefer a modern or transitional style. Other aspects of your custom wine cellar can be left to professionals, as long as builders are experienced with the precise requirements of proper wine storage. For wine cellar construction in Toronto and the surrounding area, contact the experts at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We can create the high-quality modern, transitional, or traditional wine cellar of your dreams. Our inventory includes a broad selection of wine cellar cooling units by top manufacturers as well as wine racks and racking systems that perfectly complement your design choice.

Attributes of a Traditional Wine Cellar

What features do you have in mind for your wine cellar? You lean towards traditional design if you like warm woods intricate in detail. Common attributes of a traditional wine cellar also include natural stone, wood floors, tile, brick, rolling ladders, and barreled ceilings. Wood wine racks may be made with redwood, African Mahogany, Toasted Maple, or another type of rich wood that holds up well in the wine cellar environment.

Features in a Modern Wine Cellar

Modern wine cellars demonstrate a clear departure from the rich woods essential to traditional wine cellars. Features are sleeker, with cleaner lines. If you like a wine cellar with stainless steel, acrylic, and/or frameless glass, a modern cellar is more your style. Modern wine storage is sometimes contained to cabinet space, as opposed to occupying a cellar. An Evolution Series wine rack, for example, is more suited to a modern wine cellar than wooden racks might be.

A Transitional Wine Cellar

If your taste in wine cellars falls somewhere between a modern and a traditional wine cellar, then a hybrid, or ‘transitional design’ might be a better choice.  Transitional styles combines the best features of both a modern and more traditional wine cellar design. For instance, you may want wooden wine cabinets below and metal racks on the upper portion of the walls.

Finishing Touches

No matter the style of your wine cellar, certain features may be chosen to perfect the storage space. Lighting is standard, though you can get as elaborate as you like in highlighting the wine with your lighting system. You can choose to have a tasting nook with or without seating. A sound system is a nice touch, especially if your modern, transitional, or traditional wine cellar is meant to showcase your wine collection for guests.

Make Life Easier with a Custom Wine Cellar

Make Life Easier with a Custom Wine Cellar

Wine cellar construction

A custom wine cellar makes organization of your wine collection easy (Rosehill Wine Cellars Custom Wine Cellar)

It doesn’t take long for a disorganized collection of wine bottles to feel unmanageable, especially if your storage space doesn’t have wine racks. If you are a wine lover with a growing number of favorite vintages, then constructing a custom wine cellar may be just what you need to simplify your life and better enjoy your collection.  A wine cellar cooling unit from a leading manufacturer will help to ensure that your wine is properly stored. Wine racks will provide you with a system for organizing your wine and storing it so that the corks don’t dry out. Anyone who has crates and many individual bottles of wine will benefit from a well-organized custom wine cellar.

Wine Bottle Organization Tips

A wine collection may begin with a few favorite vintages and surprisingly grow to the point that you don’t know exactly what you have or where to find it. The worst part about it is that some of the wine could be at its peak or going beyond the best time to drink it. This defeats the purpose of a wine collection. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the wine nicely organized so that you know where to go for that perfect bottle for a particular meal with dinner?

There are many ways to categorize a wine collection in a wine cellar. The best way to organize largely depends on the types of wine the collector purchases. The following are a few helpful ideas:

  • Put all of the bottles of a particular wine type in the same row. This could mean rows for red wine, white wine, champagne, other sparkling wines, and dessert wine.
  • Place bottles in rows according to the type of grape, such as Bordeaux, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir.
  • In the various categories that you set up in your wine cellar, order the wine bottles according their drink date.
  • Another approach is to keep a “drink now” section with all the different varieties in your collection.

The Right Atmosphere

Organization is important, but nothing about a wine cellar is as essential as the fact that you can rely on the wine being properly stored for many years. Simply placing wine in a room with a wine cooling unit doesn’t provide the right kind of protection against potential temperature fluctuations. A wine cellar has insulation from floor to ceiling. Bottles are also protected from harm caused by UV rays and vibrations. The fact that you have many bottles and crates of wine is proof enough that a wine cellar could be a daily asset that simplifies your life.

A Perfect Gift: A Wine Decanter    

A Perfect Gift: A Wine Decanter    

Mamba wine decanter

Wine decanter available at Rosehill Wine Cellars

The wine lover on your holiday shopping list would no doubt love a nice bottle of wine for the holiday season. Another nice option for connoisseurs is a wine decanter plus accessories for easy upkeep. Many oenophiles routinely use wine decanters. This and other wine accessories are as appealing to a wine lover as a blank canvas is to an artist. If those you are shopping for have a custom wine cellar with a tasting nook, a decanter may add to enjoyment of their wine room.

What is a wine decanter for?

Wine decanting is an essential tool used to get the best from a bottle of superb wine. Decanting allows red wine to be separated from its sediment. There is typically a generous surface area in a decanter, which allows for aeration of the wine, as well. Aerating wine serves to create more vibrant flavors and aromas upon serving, and it can be beneficial for red and white wine.

Decanting actually means to pour wine from one vessel to another. In other words, simply pouring wine into a wine glass is a way to decant.

Some types of wine can benefit from decanting more than others. Older red wines naturally produce sediment during the aging process. Tannins and color pigments bond together, create a gritty texture, and settle to the bottom. If this sediment is stirred up, the wine’s appearance is clouded and the wine tastes gritty and bitter. Decanting helps to ensure that the wine can be enjoyed and the sediment is kept separate from what’s poured in the wine glass.

How to decant wine

A simple approach to decanting wine is to pour wine into your decanter a few hours before you serve the wine. In restaurants, it is not unusual for the wine to be poured back into the wine bottle, after pouring it into a decanter to air out and get rid of the sediment. Here are more detailed tips on how to decant wine:

  • About 24 hours before opening the wine, set the bottle upright, so that the sediment slides to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Remove the cork and clean any smudges off the bottleneck.
  • Place a light such as a flashlight or candle under the bottleneck.
  • Slowly and with a steady hand, pour the wine into the decanter, without stopping. As you near the bottom of the bottle, slow the process even more.
  • Watch for sediment in the neck of the bottle throughout the process. When you see it, stop pouring. Sediment isn’t always glaringly obvious. Sometimes it looks like small specks of dust or a cloudy appearance.

Aeration of the wine

Experts provide a few different guidelines for aerating wine. An old wine tends to benefit best from being decanted for about 30 minutes. Younger, full-bodied red or white wine can benefit from an hour or more of decanting before service.

If you’re interested in having the perfect environment for storing and decanting your wine, contact Rosehill Wine Cellars. We build custom wine cellars; and we love it so much, that’s the only type of construction we do. A popular addition is a tasting nook, where wine can be decanted and enjoyed in the wine cellar. Visit our website to see wine decanters and accessories and to order them for the wine lovers on your gift list.

3 More Reasons to Lock the Wine Cabinet

Armstrong Cellar

Custom cellars from Rosehill WIne Cellars have secure locks.

There are countless reasons to love wine. There’s nothing else quite like it. The aroma, the terroir, food pairings, and wonderful variety are all part of the wine experience. Some say one of the beauties of wine is that you can travel the world through bottles of wine from vineyards across our planet. If you collect wine, you are among a large population of oenophiles. There’s one thing that might be easy to forget about wine, and it’s the importance of keeping it behind lock and key or perhaps combination lock. See Part 1 of this two-part series for reasons to keep your wine cellar, your wine fridge, and/or your wine cabinet securely locked. Here are three more reasons to lock up the wine:


Many people have discovered that alcohol is a great drug. Alcohol content is higher in wine than in beer, making it more attractive to many who abuse alcohol. Those with an alcohol problem often find their lives in the pits, and many resort to getting alcohol any way they can. It could be, on the other hand, that a thief is aware you have a wine collection that’s worth a lot, and that could be the reason they case your house. Your wine cellar or under-the-fridge wine cabinet could become a target for theft. A good security system could protect your collection.

Drunk uncle

Sometimes it’s not so-called friends you need to worry about. You may have a drunk uncle or someone else in your family that has a problem with alcohol abuse. You’ll do your relative a favor by keeping your stash locked away securely.

Wine is an investment

The number one motivation to lock up your wine may be that you don’t someone to steal what you spent your hard-earned money on. Wine collections usually represent a significant sum of money, even if there are no thousand-dollar bottles of wine or other extremely rare wines from vineyards around the world.

Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine cellar and for all of the wine accessories you may need. We will fix you up with locking wine cabinets, a secure wine fridge, and a cellar door that will keep out unwelcome visitors.

Things you need in your life if you’re a Wine Lover!

Wine Storage

If you are a wine enthusiast you need proper wine storage. Having a wine collection means some responsibilities (mostly the fun kind.) It’s important that your wine is stored in an area where the temperature and humidity are constant. At Rosehill Wine Cellars we have the ability to design and build the perfect wine storage cellar. But if you’re just starting out check out our wide selection of wine storage cabinets.

Depiction of wine storage.

Proper Wine Glasses

Every wine lover needs a nice set of wine glasses. Having the right wine glass definitely, makes a big difference. Therefore, don’t skimp and waste your time drinking out of the wrong stemware!

A Good Wine Opener

I think we can all agree that nothing is more embarrassing than not being able to open your fancy bottle of wine. This is especially true if you have guests! At Rosehill Wine Cellars we have a wide range of lovely and fully functioning wine openers designed for wine enthusiasts everywhere!

A Wine Serving Bucket

Owning a wine bucket may not seem important but makes all the difference if you want to keep a nice white wine cold. It will also keep you from having to run back and forth from the fridge during a dinner party!

Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!