3 More Wine Storage Cooling Unit Manufacturers

3 More Wine Storage Cooling Unit Manufacturers

Wine cellar cooling unit

Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, CellarPro, CellarCool, Breezaire, KoolR, and Koolspace all include vibration control

Wine storage cooling units are the beating heart of any modern large scale wine storage solution.

These cooling units serve the important function of protecting fine wines as they age.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we’re proud to work with numerous wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers. We depend on these products to work in conjunction with our goal of creating ideal environments for wine storage spaces.

Wine collectors know that it’s essential that wine be stored at ideal temperatures.  The precious liquid’s delicate balance can be spoiled by extreme temperatures but also by an unstable environment.

There are No Good Vibrations in a Wine Cellar

One crucial feature of all wine cooling units is vibration control.

Small shakes and shimmies, like the kind some cooling units issues when they start motors and whirl to life in a temperature setting, are sinister and considered an enemy of aging wine. They’ll shake the life right out of the liquid. The disturbances, sometimes called micro vibrations will cause sediment in red wines.

As your red wine collection ages, it matures and experiences a long-term evolution which is a natural aging process occur wherein solids separate from the wine. If there are frequent vibrations, big or small, the sediments can be re-integrated back into the wine, which can negatively affect the aging process. A study was done in which wine was constantly exposed to low levels of vibration. It was discovered that the chemical composition of the wine was affected in as little time as 18 months. The following manufacturers plus those previously featured – Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, CellarPro, and CellarCool — all protect wine with vibration control.


Breezaire wine cellar cooling unit for sale at Rosehill

Breezaire wine cellar cooling units

Since 1985, Breezaire has been manufacturing wine cellar cooling units in San Diego, California.  Breezaire wine cellar cooling systems are engineered and designed to provide the perfect conditions for storing and aging collections of fine wines. The systems work quietly and have vibration control, to ensure that the wine has the stable environment needed for reliable wine storage.


KoolR wine cellar cooling units

KoolR wine cellar cooling units

KoolR proudly claims to provide wine storage solutions at the world’s lowest prices. Wine cooling units can be sent to buyers directly from the factory, which cuts out the added expense of a middle man. One product is the Magnum 120V 60Hz, which is ideal for a 900 cuft space. The unit is advertised as whisper quiet and energy efficient with multiple vibration isolation.


Koolspace offers a koolR series of cooling units for wine cellars. Every unit is equipped with a convenient lit display that makes it easy to monitor the temperature even outside the wine cellar. The units are energy efficient and quiet. They are complete with a hi-temp alarm and excess humidity warning. They also have a multi-level vibration suppression system.

Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine cellar or any of our other products and services, including wine cooling units from reliable manufacturers.

Inventory status of the Vintage Keeper wine cabinet line


We just wanted to give you a heads up on the inventory status of the Vintage Keeper wine cabinet line.

At the current time we still have no word on the arrival of the Vintage Keepers. The re-design and launch by the manufacturer was originally to be in the spring but was quickly pushed out to June, then July. We still have no word nor expected arrival date of the new cabinets.

We just wanted to keep you informed and also thought you may want to review an alternative solution for your wine storage. Please see our selection of wine cabinets.

We will keep your name on our list and will update you again when we have more information.

Do I Really Need a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Do I Really Need a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Koolspace Cooling Units

Absolutely! At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we believe the wine cellar cooling unit is the most important addition to a properly insulated cellar.

The wrong climate in your wine cellar could be devastating to your investment and ruin your growing wine collection.

A quality wine cellar cooling unit & proper insulation is the best investment you can make, even if your wine collection is small.

CellarPro Cooling UnitsThere are various types of wine cellar cooling units to choose from, some are simple wall-mounted systems, (such a Koolspace, CellarPro, EuroCave INOA) some are split units (WhisperKool, Breezaire) and some units can be ducted like Wine Guardian or the ONAM water cooled system.

ONAM Cooling UnitsThe simplest through the wall cooler is the most popular and least expensive cellar cooling system.  The split or ducted systems are beneficial if you don’t have a wall to vent through or if noise is an issue.

The refrigeration system best suited for your wine cellar depends on many factors, such as location of the cooling unit, your geographical location, as well as wine cellar room size.

WhisperKOOL Cooling UnitsThe required size of the unit is generally based on the size of your wine cellar but may be affected by other factors.  If you have not yet built your wine cellar, it is best to understand your cooling unit needs and prepare room for such.

Remember, the environment in which you are storing your wine is more important than the look of the cellar.

Breezaire Cooling Units

When selecting a cooling unit, it is best to anticipate the size of your wine collection; this will help to determine room size, and subsequently the best cooling unit for your needs.

Please note that an over-sized cooling unit will not compensate for poor insulation.

It cannot be stressed enough that without a good cooling unit system, your wine collection could be greatly affected.

If on a budget, cellar builders should spend more money on proper cellar insulation & a cooling unit than on wine racks or other aesthetics.  Racks can always be installed at a later time if budget is a concern.

Again, the insulation and the cooling unit are the most important aspects of your cellar!

10 Ways to Make Your Wine Taste Better: Part 1

Rosehill Wine Cellars brings you a 2-part series of tips to make your wine taste better!

10 Tips for Better Tasting WineIt’s all in the storage and handling techniques.

It may be surprising to some, but the way your wine is stored and handled has as much to do with taste as does the way it’s made. Wine is a food, so proper storage is critical for maintaining its quality.

If you are a serious wine connoisseur, then storing and handling your favorite vintages is also a serious matter.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we pride ourselves in assisting wine lovers with expert advice on wine storage needs.

Tip #1 – Wine Storage Temperature

Maintaining the optimal temperature and avoiding wild temperature swings is most crucial to proper wine storage. The optimal storage temperature depends on the wine’s age and how long it will be stored.

Wine can be stored safely from 40°F to 65°F (4° to 18°C). But, 55°F to 57°F is the recognized norm. If your intention is to store your wine for longer term, cooler temperatures are desired.

View our selection of wine coolers with adjustable temperature controls, and wine cellar cooling units for full environmental control.