Cellar Design Survey

The Rosehill Wine Cellar advantage:

  • Our many years of building cellars has provided us with the right experience and expertise, which we love to share with our customers. For most racking systems we provide a free personalized sketch of your wine cellar design service in anticipation of making a sale. You are never committed to Rosehill, but if we provide you with a great design, and good pricing, then we hope you will buy from us. For CAD designs and custom racking quotes there is a fee.
  • No other supplier will custom cut modular redwood wine racks like we do. This will allow you to have a custom cellar at a modular wine rack price! We understand the construction parameters that are required and can provide solutions for making a cellar work.
  • For modular racks, we include our own “helpful hints” assembly and installation tips which complement the manufacturer’s instructions to make your cellar look it’s best. These easy to read and follow instructions were created by our non-construction staff for ease of assembly.

Remember, our expertise is available but we need you to help us first!