Toast St. Patrick’s Day with Your Favorite Wine

St patricks day wine

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making an Irish toast with your favorite wine.

While people across the nation reach for beer-filled mugs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, grab your favorite wine, instead. Since there are 10,000 clovers with three leaves for every 4-leaf clover, the luck of finding one with four leaves is rare. In the same way, your wine will be the special and rare alcoholic beverage for the biggest drinking day of the year. It’s important to get this right; be sure the wine you drink has been properly stored in wine storage built or sold by Rosehill Wine Cellars. A wine cooling unit by CellarPro, Breezaire, Koolspace, KoolR, ONAM, Wine Guardian, EuroCave, or another reputable manufacturer will help to ensure that your St Patrick’s Day wine is a winning pairing for a meal, Irish or otherwise.

What is St. Patrick’s Day Exactly?

St. Patrick’s Day is an annual tradition birthed in Boston, Massachusetts, that celebrates Irish culture. It is named after St. Patrick, a beloved patron saint of Ireland who lived in the 5th Century. St. Patty’s Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the day the saint died. The reason people get pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day is to remind them that invisible leprechauns pinch anyone who fails to wear green, which supposedly makes you invisible to the fairy-like creatures.

On this auspicious day, Catholics are permitted to lay aside Lenten restrictions and consume food and alcohol to their heart’s content. It doesn’t have to be beer. If wine is the beverage that makes your inner lepraechaun happy, pull a bottle from your wine cellar or wine closet that is kept the right temperature with a wine cooling unit from CellarPro, Breezaire, Wine Guardian, or KoolR. Now, tap the glasses and enjoy! To share the tradition of beer-drinking, pour your wine in a beer mug and make an Irish toast.

An Irish Toast

Get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with wine and an Irish toast. The following is one that is perfectly in keeping with the occasion:

“Saint Patrick was a gentleman,

Who through strategy and stealth,

Drove all the snakes from Ireland,

Here’s a toasting to his health.

But not too many toastings

Lest you lose yourself and then

Forget the good Saint Patrick

And see all those snakes again.”

Drink Green Wine!

Green wine isn’t exactly the color of a clover, but it is friendly to the environment. Drink a delicious wine that is sustainable, organic, or biodynamic. Nicolas Rossignol, Pascal Lambert, and Ridge Vineyards in California produce green wine perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Any excuse for enjoying wine is a good one. The beer drinkers on St. Patrick’s Day actually have nothing on wine drinkers, since wine usually has significantly more alcohol. Wine is also a bit more finicky, since it needs to be stored in just the right environment. Make your St. Patrick’s Day drinking a celebration to remember by using a trusted wine cooling unit from CellarPro, Breezaire, Koolspace, KoolR, ONAM, Wine Guardian, EuroCave for storage.

Wine Club Member Needs Wine Cooling Unit!

WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, and CellarCool provide proper storage for wine club offerings

When you join a wine club, the need for plenty of storage and for a wine cooling unit arises.

Wine clubs are ideal for adventurous wine consumption. Wine club members enjoy various benefits, depending on the club and the plan chosen. Since membership can be remote, geography is usually no hindrance to joining the club that gives you access to the wines you really want to stock your wine cellar with. Among the benefits of a wine club is that it helps you keep your wine collection well-stocked at discounted prices. Of course, a reliable wine cooling unit is needed. Manufacturers that provide just the atmosphere needed to protect your wine collection include WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, and CellarCool.

Benefits of Joining a Local Wine Club

If you are a fan of the offerings of a vineyard near you, joining the wine club at that winery may offer a good number of additional perks. As wine clubs go, however, you can’t be certain about what you’re signing up for until you read the fine print. There is no uniform set of expectations that you can look to when joining a wine club. A bit of comparison work may be needed to determine which local winery club to sign onto.

A terrific benefit is that local wineries often sell amazing wine that isn’t available at your neighborhood grocery store. Another advantage is that it cuts costs to pick up your wine locally, as opposed to paying the cost of shipping.

A Top Consideration When Choosing a Wine Club

If your wine preferences run along certain narrow lines, your best guideline for choosing a wine club is to make sure the club specializes in varieties of your preferred tastes. You can, for instance, choose a wine club that focuses on aged Cabernet Sauvignon. Obviously, storage conditions come more into play when your wine storage is for aging. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we specialize in building custom wine cellars, but we are also glad to spread the word about manufacturers that provide reliable wine cooling units, including Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, CellarCool, and WhisperKool.

If you prefer wines meant to be served and enjoyed without further aging needed, it’s still helpful to at least have an under-the-counter wine fridge. The conditions in a regular refrigerator fail to provide the atmosphere in which wine can maintain maximum quality and taste.

Wine Clubs, to Name a Few

The following are a few suggestions among the many popular wine clubs you might choose to join:

  • Club W focuses on value and sends wine curated to suit your specific tastes, as determined from a palate profile survey. Added features members appreciate include the ability to skip or cancel shipments and return wine, no questions asked.
  • The International Wine of the Month Club sends out wines chosen by a panel of 30 experts, and the wine is always accompanied by cellar notes, which include such details as the wine’s history and suggestions for food pairings.
  • Lot 18 is perfect for collectors seeking to stock their wine cellars. The club offers specials every day on premium wines.

Why not up your wine consumption by joining a wine club? As long as you’ve got the needed wine cooling unit to ensure optimal storage, you’re set, whether it’s from WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, or CellarCool.


Reasons Not to Kick your Wine Habit

Enjoy wine with two meals per day.

Have wine with a glass of water at every meal for a healthy heart.

Your wine habit of drinking one glass with two meals per day is in all likelihood good for you. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we are happy to support healthful wine habits with the best custom wine cellars and reliable products like WhisperKool, Wine Guardian, CellarPro, CellarCool, and Breezaire cooling units. “All things in moderation” are great words to live by. They may never be truer than when it comes to enjoying wine.

Wine through the centuries can’t be wrong

For thousands of years, wine has been recognized for having nutritive and healthful properties. It was used pharmaceutically as early as 3150 B.C., according to archeological evidence recently discovered. The wise Hippocrates recommended specific wines for a variety of physical ailments. I mean, he’s famous for being one of the original geniuses! But it doesn’t take a genius to recognize that a little wine is good for a body.

Drink wine regularly and don’t die so soon

Some very interesting discoveries have been hidden through the ages for political reasons, and here’s a compelling one the National Institute of Health obscured for decades. In the 1970s, extensive research following 10,000 people showed conclusively that people who drank alcoholic beverages like wine moderately had 50% fewer deaths during a 25 to 50-year span than non-drinkers. Your wine habit could literally be the reason you’re not dead right now!

Wine is good for your ticker

Some of these facts about wine may inspire you to have custom storage built by Rosehill Wine Cellars and install a cooling unit, such as Breezaire, WhisperKool, or any of the other reliable products we offer. A study entitled Rx for Society: Wine and Water found that coronary disease is much higher in heavy or binge drinkers and even more so among those who abstain from drinking. In other words, those of you with a moderate wine-drinking habit have the healthiest hearts.

Wine prevents cancer – say what?

The scientific terminology behind this pertinent fact is a bit involved, but the bottom line is this:

  • If you regularly drink red wine in moderation, there are indications that it may prevent some forms of cancer as well as coronary disease.

Pssst! Wine is apparently brain food that can prevent dementia

If you’re like most people, someone in your family has had or is currently suffering from some form of dementia. This awful disease is believed to be preventable and not just by working sudoku puzzles. The solution is light-to-moderate alcohol consumption, and what could be better than wine?

Ready to install a wine cellar to support your healthful wine habit? Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We’ll design your wine storage and we will recommend a cooling unit from any of the following manufacturers: Wine Guardian, Cellar Pro, CellarCool, Breezaire, and WhisperKool.


How WhisperKOOL Protects Your Wine

Whisperkool SC 2000i cooling unit

WhisperKOOL provides optimal storage for wine

Proper wine storage is important because it protects wine from being spoiled. Particular care goes into ensuring that wine is able to age at an optimal speed in conditions that don’t disrupt the process. This is an issue that inspires homeowners and businesses to contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine storage facility. No wine cellar is complete without a wine cellar cooling system, and WhisperKOOL is among the best manufacturers of wine coolers.

Temperature Stability and Humidity

An everyday kitchen refrigerator doesn’t provide the right environment for long-term wine storage. The key differences between a conventional refrigerator and a wine cellar cooling unit like WhisperKOOL are humidity, temperature, and vibration.

A regular fridge is designed to eliminate humidity and provide rapid temperature drops. In contrast, a wine cellar cooling unit maintains a lower temperature that is gradual and is designed to maintain a humidity level that is optimal for wine storage. Without humidity, corks can dry out. This is true, even if the wine is in contact with the cork. Arid conditions on the other side of the cork can prematurely age wine because it can compromise the seal. Without the seal, if wine is in a refrigerator, other odors within the fridge can seep into the wine and spoil the aromas and flavors. There are times when the seal is maintained but the cork eventually crumbles. This can mean that you end up with cork particles in your wine that are difficult to extract. In a standard refrigerator, lack of humidity creates a poor environment for aging wine.


WhisperKOOL wine cooling systems have vibration absorption systems to ensure that wine is stored in a stable environment. There are differing opinions about the effects of vibrations as caused by appliances. Some would say that you would need to live close to a train track, or something of that nature, for vibration to damage your wine.

The problem with vibration is it can agitate the wine and reintroduce the wine’s sediment. Agitation can speed up the chemical reactions taking place in the wine bottle. Vibration is, in essence, energy in the bottle. It is debatable how much vibration hurts the wine but it certainly has no benefits.

More about WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

WhisperKOOL units are available in a variety of sizes and styles so that you can choose the one to ideally fit your wine storage space. Anyone who lives in a climate that has extreme weather conditions can benefit from the WhisperKOOL Extreme Series, which can handle temperatures that range from 32° F to 100° F. Split systems are also available, and these provide the option of mounting the condenser unit indoors or outdoors.

It’s impossible for wine collectors to be successful without a reliable wine cooling unit. You can’t go wrong with WhisperKOOL. Other reliable wine cooling systems include  Cellar Pro, Wine Guardian, Koolspace, Breezaire, and more.


3 More Wine Storage Cooling Unit Manufacturers

3 More Wine Storage Cooling Unit Manufacturers

Wine cellar cooling unit

Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, CellarPro, CellarCool, Breezaire, KoolR, and Koolspace all include vibration control

Wine storage cooling units are the beating heart of any modern large scale wine storage solution.

These cooling units serve the important function of protecting fine wines as they age.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we’re proud to work with numerous wine cellar cooling unit manufacturers. We depend on these products to work in conjunction with our goal of creating ideal environments for wine storage spaces.

Wine collectors know that it’s essential that wine be stored at ideal temperatures.  The precious liquid’s delicate balance can be spoiled by extreme temperatures but also by an unstable environment.

There are No Good Vibrations in a Wine Cellar

One crucial feature of all wine cooling units is vibration control.

Small shakes and shimmies, like the kind some cooling units issues when they start motors and whirl to life in a temperature setting, are sinister and considered an enemy of aging wine. They’ll shake the life right out of the liquid. The disturbances, sometimes called micro vibrations will cause sediment in red wines.

As your red wine collection ages, it matures and experiences a long-term evolution which is a natural aging process occur wherein solids separate from the wine. If there are frequent vibrations, big or small, the sediments can be re-integrated back into the wine, which can negatively affect the aging process. A study was done in which wine was constantly exposed to low levels of vibration. It was discovered that the chemical composition of the wine was affected in as little time as 18 months. The following manufacturers plus those previously featured – Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, CellarPro, and CellarCool — all protect wine with vibration control.


Since 1985, Breezaire has been manufacturing wine cellar cooling units in San Diego, California.  Breezaire wine cellar cooling systems are engineered and designed to provide the perfect conditions for storing and aging collections of fine wines. The systems work quietly and have vibration control, to ensure that the wine has the stable environment needed for reliable wine storage.


KoolR proudly claims to provide wine storage solutions at the world’s lowest prices. Wine cooling units can be sent to buyers directly from the factory, which cuts out the added expense of a middle man. One product is the Magnum 120V 60Hz, which is ideal for a 900 cuft space. The unit is advertised as whisper quiet and energy efficient with multiple vibration isolation.


Koolspace offers a koolR series of cooling units for wine cellars. Every unit is equipped with a convenient lit display that makes it easy to monitor the temperature even outside the wine cellar. The units are energy efficient and quiet. They are complete with a hi-temp alarm and excess humidity warning. They also have a multi-level vibration suppression system.

Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine cellar or any of our other products and services, including wine cooling units from reliable manufacturers.