Tips for Luxury Design in Wine Racking for the Home

Tips for Luxury Design in Wine Racking for the Home

Behold a proud wine collector’s new cellar showcase. See how every wine bottle’s paper label is clearly displayed? The bottles are presented here like proud works of art. Imagine how fun it would be, or perhaps how overwhelming it could be, to come here each evening and have to select just one or two bottles to compliment your evening meal?

Luxury wine racking systems are available from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Metal wine racking systems from Rosehill Wine Cellars improve this home’s basement wine cellar.

A wine collector could spend hours in this room just sorting through the vintages and making lists, columns and special racks.  Above is a great example of how good wine racking provides both storage and beauty in a wine cellar. Your wine collection deserves to be creatively displayed, and the bottle side racks are just some of many different designs to choose from for wine racks, including styles that complement your home décor; the most luxurious homes have complimentary wine racking systems that age like fine wine with the house.

Under-Cabinet Wine and Glass Rack

Your kitchen is truly complete when you have a handy under cabinet wine racking system that also holds six stemmed wine glasses. Keeping bottles of wine handy makes sense for your lifestyle. It saves time to store the bottles of wine you plan to have with coming meals handy. Storage for stemmed glasses is always a welcome addition, especially with this type of unit, which also allows the glasses to air dry.

Chrome Finish Wine & Glass Rack

If an under-the-cabinet wine rack isn’t sufficient for the wine storage you want to add to your kitchen, the Estate Wine & Glass Rack available at Rosehill Wine Cellars may be ideal. This chrome finish wine racking system stores eight bottles of wine and up to 15 stemmed wine glasses. This is a serious wine rack for true wine lovers, and it has all the style needed to match a wide range of décors.

Pinna24 Wall-Mounted Wine Racking

You can display 24 bottles of wine and add artistic design to your home or wine cellar with a Pinna24 wall-mounted wine racking system. Choose from two finishes: Espresso and Vintage Wood. Make an imaginative statement with the display of your wine collection in this unique wine rack available from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Floor to Ceiling Mount

For homeowners with a wine cellar in the home that has a glass wall, a floor-to-ceiling wine racking frame is ideal for displaying the wine. The standard height is 10 feet, but the unit can be custom cut. Taller sizes are also available, including 12ft and 15ft models. The finishes available for this excellent wine racking system include Black Satin and Platinum or Brushed Nickel Finish.

For a serious wine collector, the best option for wine racking is a wine cellar, such as the custom wine cellars available from Rosehill Wine Cellars. You can help to design the wine cellar of your dreams or use expert wine cellar construction service to complete the design plans you have created.


5 Chic Wine Accessories

5 Chic Wine Accessories

Great wine accessories are perfect additions to any party, and Rosehill Wine Cellars has a wonderful array of wine-related accoutrements to choose from. Wine bottle stoppers and pourers, drip rings, and wine thermometers are just a few. Sharing love of wine with fellow oenophiles is entertaining and can be memorable for everyone. The following are among the many wine accessories available at Rosehill.

1 – Wine Glass Cleaning Instruments

Wine glasses are essential components of serving and enjoying wine. They aren’t dishwasher-friendly, however, in that they often don’t fit properly. Wine lovers clean wine glasses with care. Part of the reason is to protect the investment made in the wine. For the discerning wine lover, soap can negatively impact the aroma and taste of wine. The following are the best ways to clean wine glasses:

  • Thoroughly rinse wine glasses with hot water
  • Use a miniscule drop of very mild detergent and rinse with hot water
  • Gently clean with washing soda, such as baking soda

The best way to dry wine glasses is to air-dry them upside down. Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a Wine Glass Rack Tree that holds up to 12 wine glasses as well as other glass cleaning wine  accessories.

2 – Wine Pouring for Large Format Bottles

VCanter wine pouring systems are available from Rosehill Wine Cellars. Various models are designed for particular large format wine bottles. The Methuselah, for example, holds the equivalent of eight standard wine bottles. There is also a Vcanter wine pouring system for the Goliath, a bottle of wine with contents equal to 36 regular wine bottles. These unique decanting cradles for large format wine bottles are made in Switzerland. Custom colour options include silver, copper, and 24k gold plating. Custom engraving is available, as well.

3 – Breathable Wine Glasses

Decanting of wine is accomplished in a variety of ways, such as in beautiful crystal decanters. One very chic approach to decanting is to serve wine glasses that have “Breathable Glass”.  Comparison tests show that the impact of using breathable wine glasses is dramatic when drinking high-quality wines.  For example, young white wines and red wines are typically best with a minimum of 30 minutes of aeration before drinking. With the “Breathable Glass”, you can drink the same wine immediately and fully enjoy the wine’s best characteristics. Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a range of Breathable / Sensis Plus crystal stemware.

4 – Wrap Wine Thermometer

Rosehill offers a Trudeau stainless steel Wrap Wine Thermometer with satin finish that can ensure wine is served at the perfect temperature. An LCD strip on the thermometer measures the temperature of the wine. Liquid crystal thermochromic ink changes to different colours at different temperatures. Around the perimeter, there is a list of various wines and their ideal serving temperatures. The thermometer is simple to use. When the bar lights up to the level you’re looking for, it’s time to serve the wine.

Wine Cellars and wine accessories from Rosehill

Recycled wine barrels are popular wine accessories.

5 – Unique Wine Accessories with Wine Barrels

Recycled wine barrels are popular wine accessories among connoisseurs. 

Although Rosehill Wine Cellars specializes in the construction of wine cellars, many other products enjoyed by wine lovers are also available. This includes wine cellar cooling units, which are important for keeping a wine cellar at the correct temperature for wine storage

3 Reasons a Wine Bucket is a Great Gift Idea

trunk beverage tub

Buy a wine cooling bucket for the wine lover on your shopping list.

Is a wine lover or wine connoisseur on your shopping list? If so, there is no shortage of possible presents you could give that should be a hit, even outside of gifting one or more bottles of wine. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we have a great selection of wine accessories. Among them, of course, are wine buckets. Although, for whatever reasons, wine buckets are frequently items that people don’t purchase for themselves, they truly are quite essential. There are various kinds of wine buckets, to fit any situation. Wine buckets are excellent gift ideas for the following reasons and more.

1 – A wine bucket is portable

If wine were always enjoyed within a few steps of a refrigerator, perhaps wine buckets wouldn’t be so essential. But for those of us who recognize wine as the ideal accompaniment on a wide range of excursions, portable methods of keeping wine cool are a must. Imagine enjoying wine on a picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting, whether near mountains or close to the shore. While wine would make the perfect addition, it’s important that it be enjoyed at the correct temperature. The optimal temperatures for serving red wines are between 62 and 68 degrees. White wines are best served between 49 and 55 degrees. Some method of chilling the wine is needed, and a wine bucket offers the obvious solution.

2 – A wine cooling bucket is designed to enhance the wine drinking experience

Just as a wine cooling unit in a custom Rosehill Wine Cellars’ wine storage area is designed for optimal wine storage, wine buckets are designed for optimal wine serving. On our Rosehill site, we have “The Greatest Wine Cooler in the World,” which keeps wine both cool and dry. There are two separate compartments, one for wine and one for ice. It allows you to keep the wine at your dining table while ensuring that the wine stays cool. With this bucket, there are no drips from melted ice to have to deal with.

3 – A wine bucket can make an impression

Wine coolers are generally very impressive accessories, in addition to being extremely functional. The Greatest Wine Cooler in the World, for example, is available in gold/brass, titanium, silver, and brass. This wine serving bucket accommodates not only standard wine bottles but also larger sized wine bottles, such as Burgundy and sparkling wines.

Gift giving is always a special pleasure when you are able to give something the recipient can truly appreciate or enjoy. For any sommeliers or wine lovers in your life, why not give them a functional, beautiful wine bucket?  Actually, no need to wait for a special occasion.

Everything you need for your Holiday Entertaining

ChristmasParty It’s the season for parties and festivities! Help make your holiday party perfect with these great party items from Rosehill Wine Cellars. Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we have everything you need to entertain your guests and make your party a great success!

A Large Beverage Tub

Everyone needs a large beverage tub for entertaining. There’s nothing worse than serving warm wine at a party! Make sure your wine is chilled perfectly at your next shindig by checking out the many great beverage and wine buckets we have!

Wine Decanter

Serving a fabulously aged red wine at your holiday party is indeed the dream, but you’ll definitely need a great decanter to make sure that your wine is served properly! Therefore, you can’t throw a great party without also having the perfect wine decanter. Riedel Wine Decanters are destined to make your next party an amazing success. Designed in a variety of shapes, these beautiful decanters will impress your guests, as well as make sure you serve the perfect glass of wine.

The Right Wine Glasses

Having the right wine glasses is also important. And if your party is going to get a little wild make sure to check out our selection of shatterproof wine glasses! Shatterproof wine glasses are the perfect way to have a good time and make sure no one smashes your glasses during the fun.

Clean up!

We also have everything you need to make sure that the clean up after the party is as great as the party was! Take a look at our selection of wine glass and decanter cleaning utensils.

Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!