3 More Reasons to Lock the Wine Cabinet

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Custom cellars from Rosehill WIne Cellars have secure locks.

There are countless reasons to love wine. There’s nothing else quite like it. The aroma, the terroir, food pairings, and wonderful variety are all part of the wine experience. Some say one of the beauties of wine is that you can travel the world through bottles of wine from vineyards across our planet. If you collect wine, you are among a large population of oenophiles. There’s one thing that might be easy to forget about wine, and it’s the importance of keeping it behind lock and key or perhaps combination lock. See Part 1 of this two-part series for reasons to keep your wine cellar, your wine fridge, and/or your wine cabinet securely locked. Here are three more reasons to lock up the wine:


Many people have discovered that alcohol is a great drug. Alcohol content is higher in wine than in beer, making it more attractive to many who abuse alcohol. Those with an alcohol problem often find their lives in the pits, and many resort to getting alcohol any way they can. It could be, on the other hand, that a thief is aware you have a wine collection that’s worth a lot, and that could be the reason they case your house. Your wine cellar or under-the-fridge wine cabinet could become a target for theft. A good security system could protect your collection.

Drunk uncle

Sometimes it’s not so-called friends you need to worry about. You may have a drunk uncle or someone else in your family that has a problem with alcohol abuse. You’ll do your relative a favor by keeping your stash locked away securely.

Wine is an investment

The number one motivation to lock up your wine may be that you don’t someone to steal what you spent your hard-earned money on. Wine collections usually represent a significant sum of money, even if there are no thousand-dollar bottles of wine or other extremely rare wines from vineyards around the world.

Contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars for a custom wine cellar and for all of the wine accessories you may need. We will fix you up with locking wine cabinets, a secure wine fridge, and a cellar door that will keep out unwelcome visitors.

Eliminate Vibrations with EuroCave

Eliminate Vibrations with EuroCave

EuroCave wine cabinet

EuroCave Wine Storage Cabinet from Rosehill Wine Cellars

When it comes to wine there are only bad vibrations!

Excessive vibrations can seriously damage your wine during storage. Vibrations can disturb the sediment in your wine bottle. They can also cause long-term damage by agitating your wine repeatedly and possibly speeding up any chemical reactions occurring during the aging process. Therefore, it is very important that your wine cabinet does everything to ensure that your wine does not vibrate!

Fortunately, EuroCave has your wine’s best interest at heart! The company has recently invested considerable research into investigating the effectiveness of their wine cabinets at eliminating vibrations and making sure your wine slumbers peacefully and securely in its home.

In order to conduct the research EuroCave wine storage cabinets were tested against competitors for the amount of vibration they generated. Vibrations were measured with the help of a high-precision laser vibrometer – kind of like a thermometer but for vibrations. Both empty and full cabinets were tested to ensure that all variables were accounted for.

The results revealed that EuroCave wine fridges generate six times fewer vibrations than other competing wine storage cabinets! This study reveals that EuroCave wine cabinets are not only nice to look at but also a functional, effective and safe way to store your entire wine collection!

The reason EuroCave is so wonderful at eliminating vibration is because of their amazing design features, such as their ‘Main du Sommelier’ wine cradling support system.

Therefore, fear not EuroCave will make sure your wine rests easy!

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