Storing and Pouring Large Format Wine Bottles

Storing and Pouring Large Format Wine Bottles

Large format wine bottles can be stored on diamond racks.

Diamond racks are among the solutions for storing large format wine bottles in your wine cellar. (Photo: Rosehill Wine Cellars)

Wine Collectors acquire odd-sized bottles and require appropriate shelving

Standard wine racks hold standard sized wine bottles (750 ml), and they make no considerations for large format wine bottles that are now so popular with wine lovers.  Cellar designers have to make their own remedies. Modern wine cellars include wine racks that accommodate larger bottles because they are excellent investments.  A magnum bottle equals two standard bottles.  The wine stored in a Magnum or larger tastes better and has more value. Wine bottles can be massive, holding an amount equal to 40 standard wine bottles.

Why are big bottles becoming more popular?  Large formats tend to be consumed at large gatherings and the bottle can become a memento signaling the communal enjoyment of wine that has aged in a large format wine bottle. Fashion large wine bottles into gorgeous display pieces, once the wine has all been poured. It’s not a problem to store large wine bottles because Rosehill Wine Cellars has a variety of racks for that very purpose. But what about the challenge of serving wine from a huge bottle? Rosehill has the solution for pouring from large format bottles, as well.

Wine Bottle Sizes Chart

187.5 ml Piccolo or Split: Typically used for a single serving of Champagne.

375 ml Demi or Half: Holds one-half of the standard 750 ml size.

750 ml Standard: Common bottle size for most distributed wine.

1.5 L Magnum: Equivalent to two standard 750 ml bottles.

3.0 L Double Magnum: Equivalent to two Magnums or four standard 750 ml bottles.

4.5 L Jeroboam (still wine): Equivalent to six standard 750 ml bottles.

6.0 L Imperial: Equivalent to eight standard 750 ml bottles or two Double Magnums.

9.0 L Salmanazar: Equivalent to twelve standard 750 ml bottles or a full case of wine!

12.0 L Balthazar: Equivalent to sixteen standard 750 ml bottles or two Imperials.

15.0 L Nebuchadnezzar: Equivalent to twenty standard 750 ml bottles.

bottle sizes chart

Big Bottle Wall Mount

Available at Rosehill Wine Cellars is a metal Big Bottle Wall Mount, with an option for a Black Satin, Chrome, or Platinum aka Brushed Nickel finish. The wall-mounted wine rack is 30” high and holds four bottles sized from 3L to 6L in angled display. The space between storage mounts is 10 to 14”. Install on or more Big Bottle racks one over the other, for a seamless look.

A 3-liter, or Double Magnum, holds four standard bottles of wine. A 6-liter is an “Imperial” aka “Methuselah,” and it is equivalent to eight standard bottles of wine or two Double Magnums.

single Magnum wine rack, 7ft tall7ft+ Magnum Wood Wine Rack for Large Format Wine Bottles

Another quality wine rack specifically for large format bottles is the 1.5L Single Column Magnum Wood Wine Rack 7ft-plus. Toasted Maple, Sapele (African Mahogany), and Beech are the available types of wood for this wine rack for large format bottles. The rack is full wine bottle depth and holds 17 magnum bottles of wine.

Premier Cru Wood Wine Rack Kits

Arguably the best wood kit racks on the market are Premier Cru Wood Wine Rack Kits 7ft-plus. They are full wine bottle depth and available in a wide variety of modules, so that wine storage can be fully customized. Large format bottles can fit in diamond racks, whether all racks are the diamond configuration or the rack is a combination of individual standard-sized wine bottle racks and diamonds.

Vcanter in showroom

VCanter – Wine Pouring & Decanting System

VCanter wine systems assist in pouring and decanting very large bottles of wine.

There are several models, including:

  • A 6L model designed to help pour a Methuselah; and
  • A 27L model for pouring the massive Goliath, which is the equivalent of 36 bottles.

Contact Rosehill Wine Cellars for all the quality wine storage racking you may need, including wine racks for large format bottles.

Great Ways To Store Large-Format Wine Bottles

Great Ways To Store Large-Format Wine Bottles

Wine collectors have different types of wine in all shapes and sizes.

diamond wine rock

Normally, smaller wine bottles are easier to store because you can always have wine racks to fit them neatly inside your wine cellar. For large-format wine bottles that do not fit in the standard wine racks you have, you may wonder what to do. Well, the following simple storage solutions will help.

wine cubes

Try easy-to-assemble wine cubes

Easy-to-assemble wine cubes are one of the most convenient choices when it comes to storing large-format wine bottles. What makes them even more fascinating is the fact that they are sold at a very affordable price. They are even sturdy enough to store several pieces of bottle without you having to worry about any breakage. You can actually buy such wine cubes and finish them off with any stain or paint that complements your home’s décor and colour. You can also expand the cube if there are more large-sized wine bottles to store.

Try a wall-mounted wine rack

Wall-mounted wine racks are great space savers in a wine cellar (or even in a bar in the corner of your home) that seem to be too small to accommodate the wine bottles that you are collecting. For those of you who only have a few of those over 1.5-litre bottles, this storage solution will be very much recommended. Some of these wine racks allow storage from the neck down to the body of the wine bottle. Just one thing to consider if you choose to use this storage solution: Make sure that you have paid attention to any weight restriction.

Try wine cabinets

Wine cabinets have been specially made to store wine bottles and make sure that the wine quality will not be affected regardless of the temperature outside it. They are actually like refrigerators made for your vino. The good thing about wine cabinets is they can store your fragile wine bottles without you worrying anymore about possible breakage created by vibration or any movement surrounding the cabinet. Yes, your large-sized bottles can fit in these cabinets thus lessening your concerns on how you can easily store them.

You can also have a customized wine rack

Customized wine racks are perfect for storing different bottles in various shapes and sizes. You can always fill one with all of your oversized bottles. Like the cube storage, customized wine racks may be finished off with the stain or paint that you want. You can also rely on such pieces if you want to store a number of big bottles in just one rack. You have the choice to install such rack on a horizontal or vertical position.

large format wine cellarAdd to the customized wine rack that you can get, you also can have a customized storage built in your wine cellar area. Some of these customizable storage solutions come in kits that you can easily assemble. However, if you do not trust your instinct when it comes to assembling such pieces, it will always be a good idea to ask a wine storage expert to do the job for you. The good thing about this storage solution is you can always mix and match components in the assembly to suit the size or height of the wine bottle you will store in it. You can devote one corner in the wine cellar to hold or your large-format wine bottles.

As you have seen, there are many ways by which you can store oversized wine bottles. It just requires some simple thought and creativity. A few tips from experts will also help you overcome the challenge of storing these extraordinarily large bottles. If you need help regarding wine racks, feel free to browse our pages for ideas.