Recommendations for Wine Racks  – Part 1

Recommendations for Wine Racks – Part 1

Horizontal wine racks provide several advantages, compared to vertical wine racks and tilted racks.

A wine rack is no mere bottle organizer, just as wine is not just another beverage. The wine rack can be as important as the other aspects of proper wine storage. There are numerous styles of wine racks that can be used for decorative purposes, including custom wine racks. Whether or not a particular wine rack is both ideal for you and your wine depends on various factors.

Horizontal Over Vertical and Tilted

Horizontal wine racks provide an advantage over vertical wine racks as well as tilted racks, if the wine is going to be in storage for a while. The primary advantage provided by a horizontal wine rack is that the cork stays moist. This results in swelling that protects the wine from contact with an unwanted amount of air. For wine to age optimally, the perfect amount of air is the minuscule amount that gets in through the swelled cork. With horizontal storage, the sediment falls to the side of the bottle, a safe distance away from the cork. This is essential, since it helps to prevent spoilage that can occur when the wine is poured. Another benefit of horizontal custom wine racks is that the use of space is very efficient, and it’s easy to add more racks, as needed.

It can make sense to have custom vertical wine racks, as long as you plan to drink the wine stored there fairly soon. The cork dries out and shrinks over time, leading to excessive air in the bottle, when wine is stored vertically.

Tilted wine racks are also available, but they present two potential problems.  First, if there is no moisture on the cork, the cork can dry out.  Secondly, if the wine is against the cork, the position of the bottle can also leave sediment deposits near the cork, which can lead to ultimate spoilage at the time the wine is poured.

The Problem with a Dry Cork

To truly grasp the importance of getting the correct type of wine rack, it helps to understand what happens to wine if the cork dries out and shrinks. When added air gets into the wine, the wine becomes oxidized. The following are some of the undesirable effects of oxidation on wine:

  • The wine changes color, to brick and brown tones.
  • Fresh wine flavors become flat.
  • The ethanol in the wine begins breaking down and shifting into other compounds, including acetaldehyde, which, in short, is not desirable.

All varieties of wine will suffer from too much air, at some point. The wines that are most resistant to oxidation include those with higher acidity, sweet wines, and wines that are more tannic.

Rosehill Wine Cellars for Rosehall Run Wine

Contemporary metal racks from Rosehill

Store your local wines in a custom storage space built by Rosehill Wine Cellars

About two hours from Toronto, Rosehall Run, a local winery, produces some of the best-value wines in the area. Rosehill Wine Cellars builds custom wine cellars for wine connoisseurs in and around Toronto. It’s really great to know that you don’t have to shop for French, Italian, or even Napa Valley wines, to find wines worthy of proper wine storage. Rosehill Wine Cellars creates the ideal environment for wines, as far as temperature, humidity and more. Rosehall Run provides wine lovers with a range of great experiences, in addition to the pleasure of drinking award-winning wine.

Tasting Bar

The tasting bar at Rosehall Run is open daily. There you can sample from the County-grown and produced wines that have won awards at Rosehall, such as various Rieslings, Sparkling Wines, Pinot Noirs, and Chardonnays. The atmosphere provides a nice highlight to a Prince Edward County wine tour. You may be able to have some face-to-face time with Rosehall winemaker Dan Sullivan himself, or you can choose to simply relax and enjoy wine in the vineyard picnic area.

The tasting bar has contemporary indoor space that is an extension of the sustainable theme at Rosehall. A variety of ultra eco materials are used in the design, such as straw fabric veneer, Kirei board, and cork. There is even a massive multi-tiered chandelier fashioned by local artist Maggie Longworth. She used dried grape vines from the property to make the commissioned piece.

Join the Club

If wine is your passion and you enthusiastically support local wine, joining Rosehall Run Club may be ideal for you. Member benefits include FREE delivery anywhere in Ontario on orders of 6 bottles or more. You get to choose from a selection of Award-winning wines. You will be invited to Members Only Special Events, and you’ll be first in line to have access to new releases. As an added bonus, you can also take advantage of special offers from County partners.

Get your Wine Storage in Order

As a genuine wine lover, a custom wine cellar from Rosehill Wine Cellars is also an ideal option for you. We love what we do, which is to create beautiful wine cellars with custom features and the perfect atmosphere for storage of wine. We offer wooden wine racks, presentation shelves, traditional wine cellar features, and modern wine cellar options.

Contact Rosehill Wine Cellars today to get started on your custom wine storage space, whether a wine cellar or a custom built-in wine cabinet for a smaller space. We will make sure you are all set to store wine from local wineries such as Rosehall Run as well as from the finest wineries around the world.

Ways to Collect and Store Wine

Being a wine collector doesn’t need to be expensive, especially if you’re a new wine collector. It takes time to build a collection, and although it’s nice to have a beautiful, climate controlled wine cellar, there are other ways to store your wine.

Wine Storage Fridge

Dark laminated wine cabinetA wine cellar is most certainly the best way to store your wine, but if you don’t have the space or money for a proper wine storage room there are other ways to store your wine collection. A wine fridge or cabinet is one of the most popular and easiest ways to store your collection. A wine fridge is portable, which means if you move to a new place you can bring your wine fridge with you. A wine fridge is also climate controlled and you can get any size you want. Therefore, if your collection is still small, and you don’t want to spend too much, there are plenty of smaller wine storage fridges available.

Wine Rack

Wine rack ideal for kitchen counterA wine storage rack is another practical way to store wine. There are many different kinds of wine racks and purchasing a couple of wine racks is the easiest way to commit to starting your wine collection. This is especially true because even if you don’t have a lot of room on the floor, a wine rack can be secured to the wall. At Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry many different types of wine racks including classic racks as well as more modern wine racks. You can place wine racks in your living room, on your kitchen counter, or even in your hallway. There are a never ending amount of options! Just make sure that you place your wine rack away from direct sunlight and somewhere where there aren’t any radical fluctuations in temperature and it’s relatively cool.

Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!

Qualities of an Amateur Wine Collector

Wine storage

Wine collecting involves many components, and custom racking may be a favorite.

Particular qualities a person may possess could point to wine collecting as a recommended hobby. Poet Oliver Goldsmith said, “I love everything that’s old, – old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine.” He may have had the inner workings of a wine collector. There are many facets to the hobby, and love of perfectly matured wine is perhaps the crucial factor. Feeling excitement about the many possibilities for custom racking may be another.


The three major practicalities to the question of being an amateur wine collector are that a person should possess:

  1. Some disposable income,
  2. Space for wine storage, and
  3. A workable knowledge of wine.

The cost of wine for collections varies greatly so that, with planning, virtually anyone who knows how to be frugal could be a collector on some scale. Knowledge about wine is important partly because you could otherwise end up paying far more than a bottle is worth. The amount of space needed for wine storage is dependent on the size of your collection. Although elegant custom racking may not be necessary, proper storage temperatures are. Wherever a wine collection is stored, it is essential that the temperature be conducive to proper storage.

Facets of Wine Collecting

The person who loves the feel of an excellent wine on the pallet is a great candidate for amateur wine collecting. There are many other components of this hobby that could be as much a pleasure. An individual’s delight in cataloging, filing, and painstaking record-keeping is perfectly joined with amateur wine collecting. The following are some basic steps involved with taking oenophilia to the next phase:

  • A wine collector must be careful about keeping track of wine bottles in storage. At a minimum, know how many bottles you have and where each bottle is.
  • A calendar should be kept meticulously so that you know when wines peak and how long they last, at most.
  • Love of doing research is a great quality that is likely necessary in a collector. By studying about the world’s wines, you can learn what makes a bottle or case of wine a wise investment.
  • Organization is probably a must for a wine collector. For the hobby to be done right, every scrap of paper associated with a wine purchase needs to be kept and retrievable. Documentation includes, for example, original auction text, who the wine was purchased from, and an exhaustive description of the bottle.
  • If an element of décor that you would not want to do without is the look of custom racking, you may have what it takes to be an amateur wine collector.

Whether you are an aficionado, a connoisseur, or a person who is new to the delights of fine wine, wine collecting may be something you would truly enjoy. If you decide to begin a collection, be sure to find the storage and custom racking that’s perfect for you at Rosehill Wine Cellars. We absolutely love what we do and it would be our pleasure to help you take your love of wine to the next level.

Help! I Only Have a Narrow Space for My Wine Collection

Help! I Only Have a Narrow Space for My Wine Collection

Vintage View Wine Racks - Rosehill Wine Cellars

Are you having difficulty finding space for your wine collection? Try the hallway.

One of the most daunting tasks of any wine connoisseur living in an apartment or condo is finding space for a wine collection.

Wine cabinet units are often too large and heavy. Building a custom cellar is too costly. Perhaps, you may not even be interested in investing in a cellar for maturing your wine.

What if you are simply looking for a quick, efficient way to make the most use of your limited space, while supporting your love of wine?

Vintage View innovative wine storage solution is a great alternative to traditional cork-forward cellar racking systems.

The Vintage View metal wine rack is the only commercial grade wine storage solution in the world that allows you to display your wine sideways with the labels in full view.

It is this label out design that allows racks to fit in narrower spaces. No more sorting through bottles to find the one you are seeking.

Vintage View Wine Racks - Rosehill Wine CellarsThe innovative Vintage View WS Series metal wine racks are exceptionally flexible in design. They can be utilized to store wine bottles in nearly any space, regardless of height, depth or width limitations.

Your wine can now easily be kept in narrow spaces such as hallways, under staircases, on kitchen walls and behind sinks. The possibilities are endless!


Available in one bottle, two bottle and three bottle deep configurations.

The Vintage View metal wine rack can be used to store as few as 9 bottles or as many as thousands, as it is possible to add on as your wine storage needs increase.

The wall mounted racks come standard in either 36″ or 48″ heights.


Protective caps are provided to cover attachment holes and rubber tips are installed on the ends of the rods.

Vintage View Wine Racks - Rosehill Wine CellarsAll Vintage View metal wine racks are fabricated with high tensile ASTM A1018 cold rolled steel rods and ASTM A500 rectangular steel framework by professional welders using TIG and MIG technology.


  • Wine bottles look like they are floating in mid-air, adding to your décor.
  • Identify your collection at a glance with labels facing towards you. Great for showing off your collection, and an easy way to pinpoint which wine you’d like to compliment tonight’s dinner.
  • All Vintage View models can be stacked or easily cut to obtain limitless heights and interesting layouts.
  • Wall mounted mid air – can be installed in awkward spots or over counters. You can easily store wood cases below.
  • Can fit in narrow spaces.

For additional information, consult the Rosehill Wine Cellars Vintage View Brochure (PDF)