3 Reasons it Makes Sense to Get your Own Wine Cellar

3 Reasons it Makes Sense to Get your Own Wine Cellar

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A custom wine cellar makes sense for wine lovers. (Photo: Rosehill Wine Cellars)

If you regularly drink wine with dinner, a wine cellar may be just what you need. As all oenophiles know, wine enriches life. Making an investment in a wine cellar is the perfect way to delve more deeply into your appreciation of wine. Providing a place to store your own wine supply has benefits that make sense for families of all sizes and tax brackets. The following are five of the top reasons to have your own custom wine cellar built.

1-Prevents Spoilage

The beauty of a custom wine cellar is that it creates the perfect atmosphere uniquely ideal for wine. The best wines improve with age, as long as they age in the correct environment. You more fully embrace everything that’s special about wine when you have your own wine racks and a wine cooling unit that maintains the right temperature. The humidity level is also an essential element for optimal wine conditions. Horizontal wine racks typically do the best job of allowing for the optimal aging process, which is gradual. This is largely because the wine keeps the cork swelled with a proper seal. It also ensures that sediment falls a distance away from the cork, so that the wine isn’t spoiled when pouring it. A wine lover saves money with proper storage, since wine is protected from spoiling.

2-Cuts Cost of Wine

Buying wine in bulk provides a significant savings over buying one wine bottle at a time. Many people get in on wine clubs, as a way of taking advantage of savings. A wine cellar is needed to begin buying in bulk. Otherwise, the wine would tend to spoil before you have a chance to enjoy it. You can even enjoy finer wines when purchased a case at a time, since you have more opportunities to buy at discounted prices.

3-Helps with Organization

When you have a custom wine cellar built, one of the pleasures of helping with design has to do with your personal style of organization. A wine cellar is the best place to manage and organize a wine collection. There are many different styles of wine racks and wine room features that can accommodate your needs for a wine cellar. For instance, you may want to include bins for wine storage, floor to ceiling wine racks in addition to wine racks for individual bottles. If you enjoy technology, there are many options for wine organization software that can help you keep track of your collection. Between keeping the wine in the proper environment and managing your collection, it will be more a pleasure than ever to make your selection of wine to be served before or during dinner or with dessert.

Many homeowners have mistakenly considered a wine cellar to be an out-of-reach luxury. Due to their popularity, wine cellars are not just for rich people anymore. If you are a wine lover who enjoys sensible investments, you can’t go wrong with a wine cellar.

The Colares-Cork-Racking Correlation

The Colares-Cork-Racking Correlation

Racking ensures the corks remain wet.

Wine racking contributes to proper wine maturation.

Portugal’s Colares is a rare wine with an extraordinary derivation, in that the ancient vineyards grow in sand. The way this fine wine’s cork is chosen and whether it has proper racking are paramount to the ultimate finish.

The Science of a Wine Cork

Fine wines such as Colares are stored in bottles with a cork because oxidation is an essential component of maturation. The glass bottle doesn’t allow any air in, but the cork does. Natural cork closures replaced wooden plugs and oiled rags about 250 years ago, and thus began the art of aging wine. Synthetic corks are now often used. Advantages of using synthetic corks include:

  • The elimination of potential tainting,
  • Consistency of the transmission of oxygen, and
  • The ability to increase the level of oxygen that enters the wine bottle.

It is essential for any wine connoisseur to understand that only natural cork is proven effective for long-term aging. Therefore, a synthetic cork is unthinkable for a wine such as Colares.

Racking and Corks

Wine racking is available in many attractive styles, but aesthetics should not be the only consideration. Racking can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical wine racks are only suitable for wines intended to be consumed young after short-term storage. If wine meant for maturation is stored vertically, the cork will first dry out and then will eventually shrink. A shrunken and/or dry cork results in ruined wine – quite a tragedy with rare vintages.

The slight angle of horizontal racking ensures that the cork remains saturated and solid.

Rosehill Wine Cellars wooden wine racks are built to preference. Wine racks can add elegance, old-world charm, or whimsy to any type of wine storage. Racking can be wood, metal, small, large, inexpensive, or luxurious. Our high quality wine cellars ensure that the racks, humidity, and temperature are optimal for successful long-term storage of Colares and, of course, all fine wines.

10 Benefits of a Custom Cellar


  1. All wine, regardless of type or age, benefits from being properly stored.
  2. Properly storing your investment will allow each vintage to reach its true potential.
  3. Having space to store your wine collection will add to your enjoyment of the wine itself – better taste, easier to manage.
  4. A custom cellar allows you to organize your collection – find that special bottle quickly and easily.
  5. Impress your friends and family with home-based wine-tasting sessions.
  6. They look amazing. They’re built to work with your home, so how could they not?
  7. Adds to your home’s resale value.
  8. Allows you to buy excellent wines in bulk when they’re just released – knowing you can store and age wines yourself will save you money.
  9. Having a protected environment to store wine makes it possible to purchase the precious vintages you might not have considered before.
  10. You can experiment with the aging process.